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Nevermind! Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series


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Book 1 of 4

Duke the Deaf Dog does not like being told “never mind.”
Whether it happens at preschool or the park, both parents and children will relate to feeling left out when you aren’t part of the action. A great way to teach children that everyone deserves to be included in conversations.

You’ll love the Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series for children ages 3-9:

  • If you want your young child to learn American Sign Language while reading a fun storybook
  • If you’re an educator or special education professional looking for diversity resources for your classroom,
  • If you know a child who is deaf or hard of hearing


American Sign Language resources included with every purchase:

  • Learn 10 ASL signs within the story.
  • Learn 5 ASL concepts for the English words never mind.
  • Watch the ASL lesson, vocabulary words, and the complete story signed on video using the link provided in the book.


**Please check out the companion printable workbooks with lesson plans available on Teacher Tools Takeout.

Lesson Plans and Worksheets for Ages 3-5

Lesson Plans and Worksheets for Ages 6-9


Book 1 of 4. Check out other books here:

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