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The Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss Team

Helping YOU help children who are hard of hearing or deaf succeed.

Karen L. Anderson

Karen L. Anderson, PhD – Director, has been an audiologist for over 35 years, specializing in educational audiology, identification and intervention of infants with hearing loss, serving students who are hard of hearing and classroom acoustics. She has been the Director of SSCHL since its inception in 2011.

Dr. Anderson is the author or co-author of test instruments, articles, and materials for school staff or parents and has presented widely on these topics. Commonly requested materials can be found on this website. Contact Karen for information on speaking engagements or website content.

Karen Anderson 2017 Resume
Karen Anderson CV 2017

Reach Karen at karen@success4kidswhl.com
or 888-963-8991  x 3

Brenda Wellen

Brenda Wellen, M.S.  is the Supporting Success Vice-President of Product Sales and Website.

Brenda is a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in San Angelo, Texas.  She has worked with students who are deaf or hard of hearing of all ages from birth to 21 for the last 30 years both in a self-contained classroom and as an itinerant teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing.

Brenda Wellen 2021 Resume

Reach Brenda at brenda@success4kidswhl.com

Michelle Andros

Michelle Andros, is the Vice-President of Professional Outreach and Courses, and is a certified Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Administrator and Educational Consultant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Michelle has been in the field of deaf education for over 20 years, serving as a classroom teacher, an itinerant teacher, a consultant, and administrator. She attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania for Deaf Education, Shenandoah University for Education Administration and Supervision and Slippery Rock University for her Special Education Supervisory Certificate. She has dedicated her career to improving both students’ and teachers’ understanding of education in the field of deafness.

Reach Michelle at michelle@success4kidswhl.com

Terese ‘Teri’ Urban

Teri Urban is the Vice President of Advocacy and Parent Outreach at Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss.  Her oldest child was identified at birth with bilateral sensorineural non-syndromic hearing loss, a genetic condition commonly known as Connexin 26.  Teri found her passion supporting deaf and hard of hearing children in 2015 when she discovered Hands & Voices.  She is the former President of Vermont Hands & Voices and the current Chair of Virginia Hands & Voices.  Teri is also a member of numerous local and national committees that focus on the overall success of deaf and hard of hearing children and providing families with the tools, support and resources they may need.

Customer Support

Customer Support handles the general questions that come into SSCHL along with providing access to digital products and Teacher Tools.

Contact Customer Support:

  • For questions about digital product links
  • For questions about accessing your Teacher Tools and Teacher Tools Takeout membership accounts
  • For issues with Teacher Tools Takeout downloads or materials
  • For completion of Vendor forms
  • For any other issues if you are not sure who to ask!

Reach Customer Support at questions@success4kidswhl.com or 888-963-8991 x 5

Mary Swayze

Mary Swayze, Financial Associate. Mary handles all of SSCHL’s purchasing issues from Tampa FL. For questions about refunds, invoicing, or other financial issues Contact Mary:

Reach Mary at accounting@success4kidswhl.com or 888-963-8991 x 1

Sharon Saunders

Sharon Saunders, Fulfillment Associate. Sharon processes all purchase orders and online orders to be shipped from Tampa FL. Contact Sharon:

  • For questions about non-receipt of orders. Orders are typically received in 7-10 days but may take up to 3 weeks if an item is back ordered.
  • If you have a question about international orders or shipping or would like a shipping quote for international orders and the automated quote feature is not sufficient for your needs.
  • If there is an issue with a damaged order.

Reach Sharon at orders@success4kidswhl.com or 888-963-8991 x 2