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Farts Make Noise Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series



Book 2 of 4

Duke the Deaf Dog learns that some noises are loud and some are quiet.
Whether it’s a tapping crayon, a beeping fire drill, or a crinkly candy wrapper, both parents and children alike will understand the need to know the difference between noises.
A fun, engaging way to teach children that some noises are not polite.

You’ll love the Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series for children ages 3-9:

  • If you want your young child to learn American Sign Language while reading a fun storybook
  • If you’re an educator or special education professional looking for diversity resources for your classroom,
  • If you know a child who is deaf or hard of hearing


American Sign Language resources included with every purchase:

  • Learn 12 ASL signs within the story.
  • Learn Rules of Etiquette in Deaf Communities.
  • Watch the Deaf Culture lesson, vocabulary words, and the complete story signed on video using the link provided in the book.



**Please check out the companion printable or digital workbooks with lesson plans available on Teacher Tools Takeout.


Lesson Plans and Worksheets for Ages 3-5

Lesson Plans and Worksheets for Ages 6-9


Book 2 of 4. Check out other books here:

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