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Bedrock Literacy Curriculum (K. Di Perri)


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The Bedrock Literacy Curriculum was designed to support Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) teachers as they create a language arts program for the needs of their specific students. The manual is intended for beginning literacy students (K-2). However, older students who do not have solid foundational literacy abilities can benefit from the strategies, discussions and tools. It is not a curriculum in the traditional sense. Rather it is a way to provide teachers with information about literacy development—especially for those students who are at high risk for not developing strong literacy skills.

The primary goal of the Bedrock curriculum is to provide teachers of DHH) children with the necessary principles and applied strategies for effective literacy instruction. Most often, teachers of DHH students receive little in-depth training in this area in their college programs. Further, training rarely covers how to teach children who are bilingual, language deprived, or do not use the spoken language phonological system for the purpose of encoding/decoding print. The Bedrock curriculum recognizes these challenges and seeks to provide teachers with the principles undergirding effective English literacy instruction. While the principles discussed are applicable to all literacy learners, a special focus is on those DHH students who live in compromised language environments.  Additionally, the Bedrock approach discusses how to address topics such as beginning writing and reading with DHH signing students using a visually based rather than a sound-based phonological system. The Bedrock program presents teachers with strategies for their students so that they can develop a strong foundation for a lifetime of continued learning

Size: 9.5” x 11” x 1” Weight: 2 lb 6 oz

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