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Promoting Language & Literacy in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


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Promoting Language & Literacy in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing $62.00 + S/H

There have been so many changes impacting the outcomes of children with hearing loss in the last decade plus! There has also been considerable scientific research about the access, learning, social and educational needs of our students. It is a challenge keeping up with the research and then knowing what it means for changes in every day practice. What I love about  Promoting Language & Literacy  is that those research results have been used as the basis for practice recommendations throughout the book. It is cutting edge! About half of the book is devoted to work with families and children age birth-3. There is a chapter on visual communication modalities followed by a chapter on auditory verbal therapy so there isn’t a single-sided viewpoint presented on communication. The chapters on phonological development, supportive early childhood practices, theory of mind, literacy development and teaching writing would be rich reading for any teacher of school-aged children. The chapters include wonderful  case studies  and what we especially love is the  CD that is filled with video clips  of assessment and teaching strategies. There are tons of inspiring clips, each associated with specific information from a chapter. Although it is clear that this book can be used for teacher training, we believe it is also valuable for any professional who works with children or students with hearing loss and their families.

Promoting Language & Literacy in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: What are today’s best interventions for supporting language acquisition and literacy for children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH)? This comprehensive book-and-DVD set brings the answers to life for today and tomorrow’s speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and educators. This important volume enlisted more than a dozen experts to present evidence-based intervention approaches , spanning the critical early years of language development through the complex reading and writing challenges of the school years. Chapters cover a continuum of available communication approaches—from auditory-focused to visually-focused to simultaneous use of speech and sign—while encouraging the use of individualized interventions to meet each child’s needs. The included CD with video clips demonstrate how to implement assessments and interventions and work successfully with children and families.


  1. Promoting language and literacy development in children who are deaf or hard of hearing: an introduction

Foundations of Intervention

  1. Audiological intervention for infants and preschoolers
  2. Supporting Families (Birth to 3)

Early Childhood Interventions

  1. Family-centered early intervention: principles, practices, and supporting research
  2. Family-centered early intervention: supporting spoken language development in infants and young children
  3. Sign language, sign systems, and other visual modalities
  4. Auditory-verbal therapy: a conversational competence approach
  5. Phonological development and intervention approaches for children who are deaf or hard of hearing
  6. Supportive early childhood practices and learning environments
  7. Internet therapy: providing listening and spoken language intervention to children who are deaf or hard of hearing

III. Language and Literacy in the School Years

  1. Reading the world: supporting theory of mind development in deaf or hard of hearing students
  2. Models for facilitating literacy development
  3. Teaching writing: principles into practice
  4. Educational advocacy across the curriculum


  • audiological assessments and technological interventions for children
  • principles and practices for family-centered early intervention
  • assessments to identify intervention priorities
  • Theory of Mind
  • auditory-verbal therapy and phonological interventions
  • sign language and sign systems
  • use of the internet to deliver intervention services
  • elements of supportive early education environments
  • approaches for optimizing reading and writing skills
  • strategies for promoting social and academic success in integrated classrooms

432 pages, with CD

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