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Academic Vocabulary for Middle Schoolers


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Academic Vocabulary for Middle School Students by Jennifer Greene, Ph.D, and Averil Coxhead, Ph.D. | 192 Pages

Vocabulary knowledge plays a huge role in the academic success of middle school students. But which words do students need to know to master the content in their textbooks, and how can they be learned? This book has the practical answers educators need. Middle school teachers will get five extensive, research-based lists of academic vocabulary words most frequently used in student textbooks—the words kids need to know to increase their comprehension and succeed in school. Teachers will also get critical background information on the importance of academic vocabulary, guidance on testing word knowledge, and proven teaching strategies for weaving vocabulary instruction into their everyday lessons. A great resource for in-service professional development and preservice teacher preparation courses!


  • Strengthen academic vocabulary knowledge in five key school subjects
  • Master the content they need to know under the Common Core State Standards
  • Understand why the words they encounter in textbooks are important
  • Improve comprehension and eliminate roadblocks to understanding what they read
  • Increase school success (for all students, including English language learners and those with disabilities)

Practical materials:

  • Five research-based lists of hundreds of academic vocabulary words, in key content areas
  • Helpful discussion questions
  • 15 detailed vocabulary instruction activities
  • “Fix-ups” for struggling readers and ELLs
  • Extensions that build on the activities


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