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Cracking the Grammar Code–Vocabulary Enhancement Simple Picture Glossary



In Nouns, Articles & Conjunctions, teachers will find a plethora of resources to address common, proper, singular, plural, possessive, concrete, collective and abstract nouns. In addition, there are specific lessons for teaching articles and conjunctions. 173 pages.

Within the FREE downloadable Syntax Skill Pretests and Simple Skill Activities sample book, there are pretests teachers can use to identify students’ skill levels. Each pretest has a rubric to diagnose specific skills in the broader category.

When you are ready to dive into the full curriculum, there are four comprehensive downloadable books for purchase. The books provide a year’s-worth of teaching materials at your fingertips! Each book contains assessment and teaching materials. The books are available as a complete package as well as separately.

Books can be taught in any order depending on the students’ skill levels; however, for a complete year’s-worth of lessons, present the books in the following order:

Nouns, Articles & Conjunctions (173 pages) and its companion Vocabulary Enhancement – Simple Picture Glossary (128 pages)

Verbs (143 pages)

Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, & Prepositional Phrases (94 pages), and

(4) Finding the Subject & Subject-Verb Agreement (141 pages).

Each book contains individual subject pretests and teaches concepts in incremental steps.

Purchase All 4 Books (Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Finding the Subject)

Digital downloads of all 4 books $62.00 (individuals) 

Digital downloads of all 4 books $248.00 (groups of up to 8 users – HALF PRICE!) 
All 4 Books + digital Vocabulary Enhancement Glossary $79.00 (individuals)     

All 4 Books + digital Vocabulary Enhancement Glossary $315.00 (groups to 8 users)


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