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Planning to Meet Student Needs


Tests – Informal Assessments for...

I want to tell you that you greatly helped me last year. I had a child with a cochlear implant. I used many of the assessments provided on your website to complete with her and...
05th Jun 2021
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Assessment of Online ACCESS

The world of education has shifted sharply once we began our societal response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, we remain responsible for offering an equal educational opportunity...
11th May 2020
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Determining Annual Yearly Progress

The U.S. Department of Education gives each State the right to determine what constitutes adequate yearly progress (AYP) based on that State’s final assessment system....
17th Apr 2018
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Progress Monitoring – Gains Equal to...

Hearing loss is a barrier that limits access to ongoing communication in the environment. For students who are hard of hearing this means that they do not perceive 90% or more of...
04th Mar 2018
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Evaluation Considerations

It creates barriers to learning in the typical classroom environment and impacts social interactions. This invisible barrier is why it is necessary to consider functional...
05th Jun 2017
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