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SPICE – Speech Perception Instructional Curriculum & Evaluation



When we consider the whole population of children who have hearing loss, most have residual hearing and will eventually function as hard of hearing, and not deaf/Deaf. Unlike students with typical hearing, the hierarchy of auditory skills is not learned effortlessly with early experience. Most typically hearing children have great expertise in listening by the age of 48 months whereas most students with hearing loss require direct teaching and continuous, planful exposure to develop specific listening abilities. There just is no peer for the CID SPICE Kit!  We were thrilled to be able to collaborate with the professionals at the Central Institute for the Deaf to make this much-needed and irreplaceable assessment and curriculum available through Supporting Success! EVERY DHH program needs the SPICE and SPICE for Life!

SPICE 2nd Edition

SPICE 2nd Edition consists of the detailed manual, package of updated rating forms, 18 toys for listening activities with a bag for storing, more than 730 full-color illustrated word and sentence cards and an auditory training screen in a sturdy plastic carrier.

SPICE is perfect for teachers of the deaf and SLPs looking for a curriculum for auditory skill development. It is designed to help you:

  • evaluate a student’s speech perception abilities
  • plan auditory skills instruction
  • measure and record student progress and
  • report to parents and other professionals.

From speech detection to suprasegmental perception, vowel and consonant perception and connected speech, SPICE includes skills and activities for beginning listeners and up.

This long-awaited, newly revised edition includes additional, updated picture cards organized in a user-friendly box, updated and additional toys, a revised rating form with new goals and a new, easy to follow manual. The curriculum incorporates the best of what CID teachers have learned using the original SPICE in the classroom for 20+ years.

New goals include perceiving voice and manner in words, perceiving morphemes in plural nouns and past tense verbs, imitating nonsense words and following directions. The kit contains everything you need to start laying the foundation for developing auditory skills with children aged 2-12 with cochlear implants and/or hearing aids.

If you are ordering multiple products from Supporting Success, you will receive the SPICE shipment separately.

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