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Social Skills Comics: Conversation Skills in School


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Too often students with hearing loss are perceived as being socially awkward by their class peers. We realize it takes extra effort for our students to comprehend what peers are saying, especially in noise and distance. Even so, students with hearing loss tend to be delayed in their use of social language (pragmatics) and require direct teaching in how to interact appropriately. We liked this comic book approach for kids and how strong lessons can be taught clearly in a short time.  Good 1:1, small group, or even whole class.

Social Skills Comics: Conversation Skills in School

  • Detailed pictures help children observe body language and nonverbal cues
  • Ages 7-12

Social Skills Comics: Conversation Skills in School

These 25 “comics” are designed to show children the expected and unexpected ways to behave in a variety of typical school social situations. Detailed photos prompt children to take a closer look at dialog, body language, and nonverbal cues in both scenarios.

Topics include:

  • reading body language
  • using humor in conversation
  • asking a question
  • accepting compliments
  • ending a conversation
  • many more!


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