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Meet Dazzle!



“When you hear hoofbeats,
it’s usually horses, not zebras.”


We recognize that only 1 of every 100 IEPs is for a student eligible for special education services primarily due to hearing loss or deafness. Yet many of the behaviors and learning issues experienced by students with hearing loss in the mainstream classroom are similar to those of students with learning disorders. Hearing loss is a communication access issue, not a learning disorder. 



Meet Dazzle!
Dazzle wears bilateral hearing aids.  This cuddly stuffed Zebra is Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss’s own mascot.  We who work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing know our children are unique; they are zebras in a herd of horses. Dazzle stands 6” tall and comes with a red pullover and red ironed-on hearing aid decals. Safe to wash.

You can purchase your own Dazzle doll and Zebra decal for only $14.99 from August 1st  to August 31st  while supplies last!

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