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Listening Comprehension Test – Adolescent LCT-A:NU


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The LCT-A: NU evaluates a student’s abilities in listening comprehension skills, resulting in a Listening Comprehension Index. Teachers can use the results to help students improve their skills and behaviors in both the classroom and in everyday listening situations. New 2018 version! Ages 12-18 years.

The Listening Comprehension Test – Adolescent requires students to (a) pay careful attention to what they hear, (b) listen with a purpose in mind, and (c) remember what they hear well enough to think about it. Students must also avoid being impulsive in giving answers, and they must express answers verbally. The test can be used to identify students with listening comprehension issues and plan interventions.

Listening Comprehension Test – Adolescent: Examiner’s Manual & 20 Test Forms $190.00

  • Summarizing and Sequencing
  • Participating in Discussions
  • Following Directions
  • Understanding the Main Idea
  • Attending to Details
  • Understanding Language Concepts
  • Problem Solving and Predicting
  • Listening for Meaning

The 5 subtests include:

  • Subtest A: Main Idea

The student identifies the main idea after listening to a passage read aloud and then must recall his background knowledge of the topic and process the overall meaning of the passage.

  • Subtest B: Details

The student listens to a passage and answers a question about the details. The student must rely on grammar, vocabulary, and the semantics of the passage to comprehend the details.

Subtest C: Reasoning

This subtest taps into higher-level cognitive skills. The student infers answers from information presented verbally.

  • Subtest D: Vocabulary and Semantics

The student gives a one-word synonym or a descriptive definition for a word heard in a passage

  • Subtest E: Understanding Messages

The student listens to a short message and answers two questions about it.
Test Procedures

  • Begin testing with the demonstration item which is read aloud to the student. This item can be repeated, altered, or explained to show the student how to respond.
  • During administration you read a brief passage and then ask listening comprehension questions that target specific listening behaviors.

Testing Time

  • 35-40 minutes

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