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I DEAF-INITELY Can, Rhett the Heeler



By Karlie Waldrip
Illustrated by Lucy Rogers

“I Deaf-initely Can, Rhett the Heeler” is written in Rhett’s perspective as a dog who is deaf. He shares his experiences at the animal shelter, meeting a deaf girl, being adopted, learning sign language, and showing the world that dogs who are deaf DEAF-INITELY CAN!

The book also includes illustrations of sign language vocabulary and myths and facts about dogs who are deaf.


About the Author:

Karlie was born deaf and raised in Texas. She grew up playing sports and has always loved dogs. To help her hear, she decided to get Cochlear Implants at ages 9 and 18.  She attended the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf in Round Rock, Texas. She graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s in Family and Child Development. Karlie now works as an Itinerant Teacher for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. She loves to educate others about their deafness on social media. You deaf-initely can make a difference, too!


Follow Rhett and Karlie on social media:

Instagram: Rhett_the_heeler

Facebook:  Rhett_the_heeler


Hardback, 29 pages
8 ¾” x 8 ¾”

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