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How Did You Miss That


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So many of our students don’t know what they’ve missed or forgotten to do.  Explicit instruction and repetition are often needed to help students understand that monitoring their own behavior is a skill that leads to independence.



SSCHL is excited to add books and materials that can be used for teaching and supporting executive functioning! For grades K-6, ages 5-11 years.


  • “How Did You Miss That?” by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin. When he rushes home after an exhausting night of baseball, the last thing Braden wants to hear is Mom and Dad harping about everything he must finish on his to-do list. From chores at home to schoolwork, Braden forgets to check his work for mistakes and see if he’s missed anything. This story highlights the importance of slowing down, being accurate, and double-checking one’s work.

Purchase of the book includes supplemental teaching materials you can use with your students.

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