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Hear It, Fix It (HIFI)



One of my long time interests is communication repair, which resulted in the development of the SCRIPT, Student Communication Repair Inventory & Practical Training. After writing it I longed for materials that would allow users of the SCRIPT to easily work on Step 4, during which the student is provided with a story to repeat or other age-appropriate materials while the teacher/clinician mumbled, mispronounced words, added noise, turned her back, etc. Hear It, Fix It is a simple but very flexible set of materials that makes it easy to ask students to follow simple to very complex directions. Inexpensively priced, it is a wonderful companion to the SCRIPT, or by itself!
Karen Anderson, author of SCRIPT


Hear It, Fix It

HIFI is a unique, versatile game. It can be used to address:

1) Aural Rehab ( following simple to complex directions )

2) Articulation/ Expressive Language

3) Development of Communication Repair Strategies.

There are 2 sides to the board. One side has only colors. The other side features colors as well as 4 categories: Animals, Fruits, Hearing Aids, and Clothing. The game cards included are common shapes, minimal pairs and location cues cards. There are squares with the same color to provide you the opportunity to provide more complex auditory directions. (e.g., Put the circle on the blue square that is on the right side of the board.)

Hear It, Fix It – Printed Version $20.00 + S/H
Hear It, Fix It – Digital Version (Individual) $10.00

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