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Can Bears Ski?


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Can Bears Ski? by Raymond Antrobus, Illustrated by Polly Dunbar


Is Little Bear ignoring his friends when they say hi, or is something else going on? A discovery opens new doors in a tale that will delight kids with hearing loss and all children learning to navigate their world.


Little bear feels the world around him. He feels his bed rumble when Dad Bear wakes him up in the morning. He feels the floor shake when his teacher stomps to get his attention. But something else is missing, like when his friends tell jokes that he isn’t sure he understands, or when all around him Little Bear hears the question, “Can bears ski?” Then, one day, Dad Bear takes him to see an “Aud-i-ol-o-gist” and Little Bear learns that he has been experiencing hearing loss, and will start wearing hearing aids. Soon he figures out what that puzzling refrain is: “Can you hear me?” Little Bear’s new world is loud and all will take some getting used to, but with the love and support of Dad Bear, he will find his way.

In this lyrical picture book, award-winning creators Raymond Antrobus and Polly Dunbar draw on their own experiences to tell Bear’s story.


Copyright 2020
40 Pages
For 3-7 years


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