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Advocacy in Action


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Self-advocacy is an incredibly important skill for students with hearing loss for lifelong success. From the confidence needed to self-disclose the hearing loss to the techniques and strategies for requesting improved communication – self-advocacy is too critical to assume that the skills will be learned without direct teaching. The Special Considerations section within IDEA and ADA Title II require school teams to discuss whether the student is accessing communication equal to peers in the classroom environment. As the graphic indicates, access will only partly be achieved via technology and teacher accommodations.

We came across Advocacy in Action and felt it to offer material that is incredibly complimentary to what is found in Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom , Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream , Steps to Success: Scope and Sequence Curriculum , COACH and various materials available on this website . Together, these all provide various grab-and-go materials and techniques for teaching students self-advocacy skills. We love that it comes with 89 fillable ready to use worksheets! 

Although the skills in Advocacy in Action are presented at somewhat lower performance expectations than indicated on the Self-Advocacy Suggested Sequence for Skill Attainment the actual skills and materials will be of benefit across many student ages. For the veteran teacher looking for new ideas or the new teacher needing more of a curriculum approach to providing services, Advocacy in Action will not disappoint! Karen Anderson, Director

Advocacy in Action: A Self-Advocacy Curriculum for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Advocacy in Action provides tools for teachers to help students identify and develop self-advocacy skills. The text is designed to be easily individualized for each student or small group of students and for each teacher or parent. 181 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, spiral bound.

The original version of Advocacy in Action came with a CD containing many worksheets plus assessment material. We are phasing out the CD.  The worksheet materials will be available as a free accompaniment to Advocacy in Action via use of a coupon code in the front cover of the book. Use the coupon code to download the five compressed files of the 89 files described in the materials below.

Its major components, in addition to these introductory descriptions and explanations of how to use it, are

  • Self-Advocacy Skills Assessment Tracker
  • Curriculum Units Topics (including Strategies for instruction and assessment)
  • Culminating Projects
  • Lists of Resources
  • Advocacy in Action CD (contains all Worksheets for easy printing)
  • Self-Advocacy Portfolios.

Advocacy in Action $64.00 + S/H Download accompanying worksheet files below.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Advocacy in Action

  • The What and Why of Self-Advocacy
  • About Advocacy in Action
  • How to Use Advocacy in Action to Teach Self-Advocacy Skills

Advocacy in Action Curriculum


Unit 1: Lower Elementary (Gr K-2)

  • Topic 1: Amplification
  • Topic 2: Listening Environments
  • Topic 3: Social Awareness
  • Culminating Project
Unit 2: Upper Elementary (Gr 3-5)

  • Topic 1: Amplification
  • Topic 2: Hearing Loss
  • Topic 3: Listening Environments
  • Topic 4: Social Awareness
  • Culminating Project
Unit 3: Middle School (Gr 6-8)

  • Topic 1: Hearing Loss
  • Topic 2: Assistive Devices
  • Topic 3: Social Awareness
  • Culminating Project
Unit 4: High School (Gr 9-12)

  • Topic 1: IEP Planning
  • Topic 2: Applying the Law
  • Topic 3: Assistive Devices
  • Topic 4: Work Situations
  • Topic 5: Postsecondary School Situations
  • Culminating Project


  • Appendix A: Self-Advocacy Skills Assessment Tracker
  • Appendix B: Book List
  • Appendix C: Web Resources
  • Advocacy in Action CD Table of Contents

Downloadable files that accompany Advocacy in Action at no extra charge:

The original version of Advocacy in Action came with a CD containing many worksheets plus assessment material. We are phasing out the CD and the worksheet materials are available as a free accompaniment to Advocacy in Action via links to download, which you’ll receive with your purchase receipt.

Download Directions:  When you purchase Advocacy in Action, you’ll receive an order receipt with links to download the 5 compressed sets of files listed below. Clicking these links will allow you to download the materials.

NEW! Digital download now includes fillable PDF handouts.

Introductory Information – START HERE

A_Unit 1_Lower Elementary Worksheets (23) 

B_Unit 2_Upper Elementary Worksheets (38) 

C_Unit 3_Middle School Worksheets (11)

D_Unit 4_High School Worksheets (17)

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